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We understand the unique challenges that face member-based financial institutions. As a company whose products and services are delivered by credit union trade association staff, HRx provides solutions for your success: combining a pioneering spirit, responsive customer service and a strong commitment to seeing credit unions succeed.  Using comprehensive assessment tools and strategic planning methods, our consultants work with you to assess the current situation and determine areas where human resource initiatives can be enhanced and improved.
  • You will receive qualified, diagnostic information for identifying how to improve results
  • You can select from established product and service solutions, or have them customized for your needs
  • By combining solid strategies with the tools to achieve real competitive advantages, you receive outstanding value for your investment
  • HRx business strategists are certified, with extensive experience in the credit union field
  • Our programs are industry-recognized and held to the highest standards of accountability
Backed by years of data from successful businesses and proven behavioral science theories, HRx assesses the key areas of the organization known to be the greatest influence on human performance to discover the barriers to peak performance.  This approach helps align your Human Capital Strategy with your business goals to improve the performance of your credit union.

Discover the Power of Growing Your Human Capital.

"HRx provided exceptional services, specifically tailored to our unique credit union culture. This allowed our Board and Staff to focus valuable time and effort on enhancing core services to our members."

Wally Skiba , SPHR
Treasurer and Past Chair
University of Kentucky Federal Credit Union